An entry from the “Viral Video of the Week” series that I write for my current job.

We’re doing something a little different this week. Instead of one viral video, we’re giving you three. Even better, there’s a common theme. Do you remember OK GO’s crazy treadmill video? That music video went viral and kick-started OK GO’s career. Who knew that four friends dancing on workout equipment would be a well calculated execution of viral marketing?

OK GO has built a career around producing viral videos. While these videos rarely showcase a studio version of the song they represent, they are always true to OK GO’s brand voice (that’s right, OK GO has a brand voice). In the video for “Needing/Getting,” a version of that song is produced, different than the studio recording.

This video speaks to the DIY brand voice that OK GO is famous for. It’s fun, honest and insane. That’s kind of the band’s ethos, and part of what makes their videos go viral. Their brand voice stays true in the video for “White Knuckles.”

This could have easily been shot in a friend’s garage. The feeling is intimate and collaborative while remaining highly creative and physically impressive. The band is having fun, and it shows.

Finally, the best example of OK GO’s DIY brand voice, “This Too Shall Pass,” based on elaborate Rube Goldberg designs. Just try and not have a good time watching this video—I dare you.

 David Pemberton, Editor, Social Media + PR ; follow… @Dave_Your_Fave


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