How to Write a Better Blog

This is a slightly lame “3 Tips” blog I wrote several months ago. 

Why Are You Blogging? 

A good blog will fulfill a need. That need can be something simple, like self documentation, or complex, like art criticism. However, it’s important to have reasonable expectations for what your blog will achieve based on its purpose. If you are only looking to fulfill the need of an autobiographical pursuit, realize that you will never be famous. Ever.

But that leads into my next point. Seek to be genuine when you write. Blog because you want to. Blogging should be a work of passion and, as such, you shouldn’t be doing it for the fame. A good blog will always be motivated on a personal level.

Who Are You Blogging For? 

When deciding what to post, make sure you choose a topic that you are ardently passionate about. A good place to start when brainstorming a topic is by looking for a lack of information in a given area. If you can provide that information, in an excited and genuine way, then you’re going to have a good post.

Consider your audience. Who is most likely to read your blog? What information are they interested in? What kind of language are they comfortable with? What is their attention span? Figure out who is reading your blog so that you can discover how to write for them.

If you’re blog is seeking to educate a portion of the Internet’s population, it’s wise to first understand that population.

For example, say you are passionate about writing movie reviews, and you have realized there aren’t enough action-horror film reviews on the Internet, so you start an action-horror film review blog. If your blog’s demographic is comprised of men ages 18 to 35, with mid-level education, then your blog should likely focus on a fun and interesting writing style.

Knowing who your audience is will allow you to sharpen your writing style. Speaking of style…

What is Your Blog’s Voice? 

In blogging terms, “voice” is how your writing communicates with your audience. If you want your blog to feel a certain way, it needs to sound a certain way.

This is a matter of personal branding. Once you’ve figured out why and who you’re blogging for, you’ll be able to determine the sound of your blog’s voice. A tech blog, for example, might sound geeky in order to feel authentic, or helpful to feel relevant.

Writing in a specific voice to a specific audience will help you develop a consistent style. The best posts are those that are written in a consistent style because they communicate clearly with their intended audience.

As always, there is no substitute for experience and talent. However, every writer needs a framework in which to base their revisions. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or first time Tumblr-er, answering these three questions will help lead you to better blogging.

 David Pemberton, Editor, Social Media + PR, AREA203 Digital; follow… @Dave_Your_Fave

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