Fund This: Nepal Children’s Art Museum


I have this friend who is very talented with a camera. He also lives in Nepal. He and his friends are trying to bring an Art Museum to Nepal, for children. It’s an extremely nobel pursuit, and one that’s very close to my heart. Bringing art to children is imperative, even though it seems silly (but in all likely hood, because  it is silly). Take a look:

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Links I Like – August 16 2013


This baby panda is adorable. 20 historic photos, now with color. Jack Handy invented Twitter. I really hope that Simon Pegg will be Ant Man. The best engagement photos ever. It’s always sunny on Tatooine. Aaron Paul did an AMA. … Continue reading

Links I Like – July 26 2013


  Hugh Jackman loves screaming. The Burka Avenger is honestly super cool. The Book of Exodus (over 9,000). Daria, the movie. Bill Clinton sings Blurred Lines. Ladies sing Blurred Lines. Coolest old man EVER. Eric Andre’s VMA audition tape. How … Continue reading